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Reviews for "Cube Mission"

Oh my god. What a platformer. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better on Marble Trap, you shatter my expectations and make a GOTY worthy game. Incredible. 4.8/5 (though you can't rate it that so i'll just rate it 5) The only complaint I have is about the fire turrets. The fact that even a slight particle of fire can kill when it's fading out is kinda ridiculous. Other than that it's perfect.

Great graphics, amazing puzzle design, "boss fights", and a surprising but sweet ending. You've got yourself a winner here. Obviously 5 stars. :D

An all-around solid game! Pretty much covers all the bases: nice graphics, music, sound and game feel, with a good amount of variety to the levels. I sometimes felt like some of the challenges were ordered oddly, but it presented a good flow nonetheless.

a good one.

Fun game but make sure you fix the bug with unlocking medals