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Reviews for "Cube Mission"

I had a lot of fun with this game. It's mostly because of how well it works as a puzzle game. Why isn't it listed as one? It's not that much of a platformer. It sure requires a lot of thinking ahead. I'm always impressed at how simple these games look.

They'e really anything but! I like the new stuff they add in each level. It's just a great layout. I've managed to get as far as Level 12. Yeah, the first one was the only one I never died on!

MrNannings responds:

Thanks. Yeah I will change it to Puzzle indeed.

other than the fact that i find this control scheme in isometrics awkward, this was more or less perfect.

i sure would have liked an overworld/hub type deal though.

if you wanted to expand on this i'd make an overworld with portals to worlds each with some amount of levels, each world with its own theme, which could be as simple as a defining mechanic, a color scheme, and a unique ambient noise or track.

would be cool but obviously well beyond the scope of what's been done here so it's a lot to ask/suggest. either way great job.

Nice, easy, but not too easy, pleasant game.

Extreme lag in this one. Press a key, wait a second, then he moves in the direction pressed.

Perhaps doable on static levels, but not so well on levels with moving enemies.

Clever games, but you gotta work on your efficiency!

This is game has a nice atmosphere, is challenging, and quite a charming game. Keep it up man