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Reviews for "Cube Mission"

This is really good and polished. Awesome job! I love the puzzles, the gameplay, and the clean, slick artstyle.
(btw that first boss fight terrified me, lol)

I don't really have much to say about this, except that I love everything about it.

The most beautiful game. Fun, somewhat puzzling (could have been more challenging puzzles to be honest). Lovely graphics and chilled music give it a nice ambience.

Fire turret particles are annoying - it looks like it's cleared up but a pixel of fire will kill you. And the big spiked cube is a pain, though this might be because I was trying too hard to get it to roll over the edge (which you can make happen, but I fear only if it kills you in doing so!). Probably a bit more action and a bit less puzzle than I expected overall. A great little game, bravo!

Great graphics, amazing puzzle design, "boss fights", and a surprising but sweet ending. You've got yourself a winner here. Obviously 5 stars. :D

I completed the game without realizing I could rotate the f*cking camera with Q and E...
Great game, though.