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Reviews for "Cube Mission"

The Author Comments should include the fact that if you tap the E key, the POV changes. I found that out quite by chance when I used the ancient wasd method, and my shaky hand hit E instead of D.

Apart from that omission, this is a great game. The graphics are clean, and I love the 3-D puzzle/strategy/skill combination. I'm pretty sure that my slight tremor made it harder for me than it might otherwise be, but at least I have good pattern recognition and general timing skills. Playing this while I'm drinking coffee is one heckuva challenge.

Nice work, but consider adding more keystroke info to your Author Comments. Do, and I'll change my rating to five full stars, because this game deserves it.

Feels like these games are just getting better and better lately, both aesthetically and functionally. Just the right amount of variation and challenge, just the right length... always a pleasure to play.

Level 20 in particular probably took the most time though, feels like there's always that one level that stands out a bit extra. Good stuff.


A bit graphically intensive for a browser game, should probably have adjustable graphics settings. Good game none the less.

a good one.

Tricky at first, but you can get better at it!