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Reviews for "My Husband Betrayed Me Over Chicken! Storytime"

that hideous chicken she should pay for what she done.

Husband psychologically messing with wife for the lulz, and getting a reaction, pretty standard fair.

All and all, really nice job on this one, it's great to see a Storytime animation with actual work and passion put into it. I really can't wait to see what you can bring to the table next, and don't kill your husband too horribly.

Zippkey responds:

Thank mean a lot thank you I’ll try my best. My only dream is make my own anime one day so StoryTime animation are a good opening door.

LOL funny story... i would do the same but worst...

Zippkey responds:

Lol. He has done worst thing. But at the end of the day no matter what you still care.

This sort of reminds me a bit of an episode of The boondocks where Grand-dad and Riley where going to buy KFC but that ended with a guy running his car into the restaurant, a fried chicken flu outbreak and the creation of a near apocalypse.

What people won't do to get that bucket.

Anyway, this video was very well animated and funny.
You should feel pleased.

PS: I hope your husband made up for this.

Zippkey responds:

yeah I seen that episode multiple time. But funny thing is it happens. I just never would have thought it happen to me.
PS: he did make up for it. And I forgave him just I’m never going to forget.

Lol. I'd be mad if someone did this to me for some chicken?