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Reviews for "before i go"

its great

i find it pretty much enjoyable, theguitar is ok and it have a great ryth but i dont know anithing about so dont count my opinion, im just another fan.


alright! try this!! hahahha

DanPaladin responds:

i'm tryign it!!! thanks!!!!

One of the Best Songs on NG

I probably listen to this everyday and for more than 3 hours at a time. It never gets old and I love the transitions from calm to beautiful metal then back again.
10/10 5/5
Once again, this song is awesome!

If there was an ending band sequence...

...for Castle Crashers, this would totally be it.

Imagine...you've saved the land, and you throw a concert for the maidens/princesses.

Bam, the band from the beginning of the game bust through th walls and emerges with an Electric guitar! Let's all rock out!!! Whoo!

*Goes crazy*

But let us be serious. It was awesome, plain, short, and simple.

(Well, the making of it probably wasn't simple, but I'm sure you understand.)


That's the only word that can describe this song. 10/10