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Reviews for "Crimson Keep Chapter 2"

Dammnnnn, I tried to go to Lumen City and there's the end ;-;
Definitely gonna be back for more- soon. Hope your next piece is just as good as this one!
( Who am i kiddin' course it'll be. Hell, it'll be better )


Wow, part 2 was even better than part 1. The cave was pretty well done with the way you used the water to prevent going straight through. I thought it was interesting how you used one flat level for multiple parts of the game, but it seems like you're moving through a lot more places. I would recommend adding a block at the bottom right where you're following Mella and you're supposed to go up and to the left. I'm not sure if you meant for the player to be able to explore all of the caves right away, but I went all the way through and back before following her. The sex scenes were great in this one, especially the orgy scene which was a pretty cool way of doing a scene without any animation. I think my favorite girl so far is Laryn.

excellent, get a patreon going and you'll have my sub

edit: oh, you do have one, there's just no link in the game description