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Reviews for "Crimson Keep Chapter 2"

Am I missing something because it seems pretty much impossible to beat the rock bitch at level 10. I'm just confused as to how to do more damage to her with a spell that does like 5 damage against a foe that has 300 health. It no longer becomes a fight and instead becomes a slugfest of how many potions you have. I am royally pissed off I spent my time going through the story and not even getting the option to leave areas to level up either.

Now if only there were bi options between soriel and badluck (or other beasties)...


Got to the bat fight without previous chapter data so the fight was pretty hard and I lost, but after my game loaded, I couldn't use any of my attacks besides tempt.

Edit: Nvm my problem is that I'm using the NG player, battery is low at the moment but if anyone can just tell me what I could use besides the NG player then that would simply save me time of searching, <3

introspurt responds:

read description please re: bugs


i come from chapter 1 this game chapter 2 it's a epic game like 1. So it's a demo right? i hope you can update as soon as u can!!!