Reviews for "Madness: Incident 10v3 DEMO"

WOW no hank segs what is this?!

This is actually good, and I think the DEMO ends after the gas station where you go back home after eating sandwiches since I cant press space when it says YOU GO BACK TO THE LAB, anyways that was a great game and I'm giving this 5 stars

Edit: I'm actually waiting more excited than waiting for half life 3, cant wait for the demo to end!

lmao you cant even reach the computer due to the amount of dead bodies... i wish i got more out of spamming tf outta that thou, also while it was funny in some parts it really didnt include much. pretty average game, you might play it once or twice in your life and leave it.

why did hank say the n word? he does not have the n word pass.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

i dont know what you mean, he is pretty much 90% black

I'm sorry, but this didn't appeal to me. I mean, the drawings are quite nice. The main problem is that it's just so little going on. This would be fine for something else, but not for Madness Combat. The cartoons are all about destruction! I guess I'll give it credit for being unique.

It's done with great drawings. That's always a plus. It just wasn't enough for a game. Well, Happy Madness Day 2019! I know how late that is.

Cymbourine responds:

appreciate the honesty, thanks!