Reviews for "The Refugee's Song"

Phenomenal composition as always.

da da da daa, da da da, da da da, dadadadada

Magnificent work. Moving and hauntingly beautiful vocal. Thank you for this work. It's also the voice of every person who escaped or stuck in limbo on their way to freedom and liberty. May peace find them all. Sometime I wonder if it was the human's fate to endure suffering.

Thank you again for this. Take care. :)

You are already aware of the reverb, so there is nothing else constructive I could say. Excellent work altogether.

Keep it up :)

Excellent composition, and evocative. I only wish the lead vocal were more audible above the piano, or present. Still more than worthy of a download. Poppy perc noise around the end threw me off until I realized what it was. Is a bit loud and not quite as spacious sounding as the rest of the track. You never cease to surprise me!

I love it!!! It's been a while since I had such an emotional reaction to a song. The style reminds me so much of the music I heard as a young child. All of my grandparents were once refugees; I think I should share this with them.