Reviews for "The Refugee's Song"

There is a careful balance to strike in this sort of piece. It's exceptionally difficult to hit - it's a very small target from a very great distance. People are predisposed to pop-music. Something like this has to be accompanied by a rich narrative in order to be appreciated. It feels like a cultural song, displaying some sort of history...if that history is false, the song loses value. If that false history is attached to some sort of game or other pop-culture phenomena, it may gain value by being appreciators of that world.

There are tiny, minute details which...ruin this piece. I thought the song was over around 1:12.

It's gorgeous, compositionally. I cannot possibly fault either of you in anyway for what this piece is SUPPOSED to be. It's excellently assembled and performed, up to a point. I feel like the vocals are distant, almost prescient-in-the-past. I suppose that might be desirable, but...it also obfuscates what's being said. But also that mock-snare which presents itself first at the end of 02:25...should not be there at all...ever...I'm sorry if this offends you, but that is like...being in a doctor's office with 15 other people, and out of the blue soemone shout's "FUCK!"....and you're left sitting there, thinking...what just happened? And everytime it comes back, it's like a slap in the face...like walking through a crowd of people and there's a dude outside of your sight that's just yelling "FUCK" every once in a while...it's totally out of the mix of the rest of the song...where did that thing come from? I feel the song would be much better without it altogether...

Troisnyx responds:

Very spot-on, and I thank you -- it gives words to many of the niggling concerns about this song that I and others have. The percussion out in the end isn't fitting, the reverb is too heavy, the lead is drowned out, and I understand what you are getting at with that illustration about the doctor's office. :P Offensively hilarious, but point very well understood.

Insofar as the veracity of the content, it is true, but on a personal level with people who are fleeing their homes. So yeah, I guess that was my motivation to put it under "Other - World" -- as a cultural lament. Couldn't find anything else to put it under, and there was very little in the way of folk instrumentation apart from a cobbled-together tin whistle sample. ^_^'

I love it!!! It's been a while since I had such an emotional reaction to a song. The style reminds me so much of the music I heard as a young child. All of my grandparents were once refugees; I think I should share this with them.

Excellent composition, and evocative. I only wish the lead vocal were more audible above the piano, or present. Still more than worthy of a download. Poppy perc noise around the end threw me off until I realized what it was. Is a bit loud and not quite as spacious sounding as the rest of the track. You never cease to surprise me!

You are already aware of the reverb, so there is nothing else constructive I could say. Excellent work altogether.

Keep it up :)

Magnificent work. Moving and hauntingly beautiful vocal. Thank you for this work. It's also the voice of every person who escaped or stuck in limbo on their way to freedom and liberty. May peace find them all. Sometime I wonder if it was the human's fate to endure suffering.

Thank you again for this. Take care. :)