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Reviews for "Singularity: Observation"

Fucking great my friend! Combos in this movie are very sick and as always, FLIPS

Ellvis responds:

No flips -> No hardstyle -> No Ellvis
Thank you bro

The faces on the protagonist seemed really odd to me, but this has still got to be my pick for the slickest combat animations of Madness day 2019.

Ellvis responds:

Everytime I upload a madness movie with human faced character. There are people who are saying That human doesnt belong to madness animation. But I was sayin. there are so many other animations with classic Madness character. So why couldnt I make something different. Just try to replace this character to the classic madness one (in your mind) And than what will you see? Just another Madness cartoon which will be forgotten in one day. I just want to make things memorable adn understandable.
Thanks for review anyway.

the pace is so godamn good,and the combos are spectacular,good job lad

Ellvis responds:

Many people very saying that I became slow and weak. My purpose was to prove them wrong. Still able to do fast things. Thank you Thece.

Very exciting to see to see your classic character,Madness Hardstyle bumped into Madness Infinite and then go to the Madness Felicitation,move faster and faster,damn spectacular
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Advertising film of monster energy(√)

Ellvis responds:

You are a little bit wrong. In Madness Infinite there wasn´t any human looking character. It is from my first OC (2010) to Madness Hardstyle one (2011) to Madness Felicitation one (2014) Yeah i want to make them more strong after every evolution. Unleash the Beast :P
Thank you Ghost

It was pretty good. Animation and art was great. But i thought it was wierd that only the main charscter had that face. Plus, maybe a way to use less dialogue? Because the madness format isn't great for it... especially basic things. Like it has to be pretty important or voiced in my opinion.

Ellvis responds:

I just want to describe what is going on there. Some people can be confused. And Why only Main OC has that face? Because I want to make him different from others. I want to make him recognizable, memorable. Thank you fro review :)))