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Reviews for "Shuffle World"

Interesting concept! Changing the layout of the map instead of being bound to it! I like it! This was fun and challenging and it kept my attention for a long time! Good work! Hope to see more like this!

Hey, Great job there!

You found a way to do a great little unique puzzle game. I didn't saw anything like that yet! What I found was more of a peaceful game than a puzzle game. Yes, you need to use your brain but not at full capacity, it's such a great enjoyable game. I see that the resolution is "Turned Down" because of the "WebGL" capacity. It would be awesome to see in full res with MORE animation and special effects.

The menu screen looks great for a Newgrounds game! Music is great, design kind of lack but it's a Newgrounds game I cannot say something bad. Great freaking job!

Bugs I found:

You can die after getting the last fruit.

♥ Luv from GlitchyDust ♥

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Awesome game. I really love it.

too easy

The most original Puzzler I've played thus far on here. Not that unique = Great. There are plenty of Original Flops out there, but it's Risk vs Reward - and sometimes, you hit the jackpot! The controls are mostly fine for me, although I find it tricky to switch platforms when enemies are on them. Mouse is off to the right, separate. And I'm a relative beginner w keyboard gameplay, so I didn't use the extra keys (N and M). TBH: I didn't try em out BC only one or 2 levels involved this shifting w enemies on platforms, and I didn't want learn new methods for just a handful of levels.

Difficulty progression is fine. The core mechanics of the Game have no need for any more than a few words. Shuffle once or twice, got it! - Easy to learn. The character feel/ platforming is pretty reliable. Given a series of unequally spaced teeny tiny platforms, I feel as though I can nail all of them in row. The character isn't "slippery". The sensitivity is good. (Note that I go into the Gameplay/ Mechanics right off the bat - as opposed to 3 paragraphs about the Story & Cinematics, w Mechanics ending up at the bottom!) -

Really like the Title, too. Catchy. I feel that the Game would benefit from additions for Replay Value, BC after finishing, I really have no desire to do all it again. Leaderboards (for Time) are a definitive way to add Virtually Endless Replay Value, and can make Easy games I've played worth a lot more when competing for top positions. Or, instead of dealing w all that, perhaps a Mode or 2 could be unlocked - with corresponding medals for completion? Say: Speedrun Mode/ Time Attack. HardCore's always a Fun Time - One Life. That's it. All the Way to the End! Overall, a Fun & Original puzz/plat that really plays out well!!! ~ DoctorThrift