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Reviews for "Shuffle World"

OUTDATED/FIXED: Nice one, but sliding should be much lower when not on ice.

EDIT: Now, that the movement has improved this much, the game leaves a far better impression.

Bugs: No bugs found. Being unable to move while level tiles are moving "feels" a bit buggy ("Hmm, I activated the *change the world* command, and now I can not play until the change is completed ...").

For the current game version, it is ok. Once you add story (Why the fruits? Why is the world being shuffeled/Why is the main character able to shuffle it? Who is the character, what is his motivation?), you might want to change it depending on the situation. Even Mario had to save a princess ;)

- This game setup is perfectly made to build mazes. I would recommend to allow the player to make one tile movement for each fruit he collects.
- Yellow fruits could move with level tiles, while green fruits stick to the background position (they are not moved with the level tile)

Followup suggestion:
- The greatest hinderance in the game still is that the character can not be controlled while the world is moving. This would add completely new possibilities, but also, difficulties. Make a second, new game out of this, where not two tiles swap their positions, but where only one level tile is being moved (this requires to have one "empty" tile on each level).
- Above suggestion would possibly focus on a precise "world shuffle" activation timing, meaning that mouse clicks would be rather uncomfortable. However, with only one tile being moved, the keyboard arrow keys could be used instead of the mouse in order to shuffle the world.

MrNannings responds:

Yes sliding is now lower and movement is overall more resposive.

Are we supposed to be sliding off things? Not a fan of the physics.

MrNannings responds:

Thanks for your reply. The physics are updated.

I like the basic game mechanic. The level design is mostly okay. But the physics are _nasty_. Why do you slide off ledges!? In a game with one-tile jumps, even!

MrNannings responds:

The movement is now less nasty. I recoded some of the stuff.

sometimes enemy or you got pushed by map swapping and made the game either much easier to clear or bounce out of screen then instant death. otherwise it is a good game.

This is such a good idea.