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Reviews for "Shuffle World"

Obtained all medals... good time spender.

That's cool!!!

Definitely an interesting new take on platformers, but like some other reviewers have said, there needs to be a little more work with stuff like sliding around and the physics

MrNannings responds:

Thanks, I updated the physics it's also not slidy anymore.

I really like games with slippery controls.

After the update:
Thanks for the sliding reduction, it definitely made the character more controlalble. The small screen still complicates matters though - the stealthy spikes and unpredictable enemy physics are unnecessarily difficult this way.. Although it's much more manageable now with better controls.
I have found something though, not sure if it's a bug or intended feature... If the jumping enemies are midair as you swap two areas, the enemies won't transport. This makes some levels quite exploitable, since you can just kill off the enemies or send them somewhere where they're not a threat. If it's an intended feature, then I have to say that jumping on the enemies' head would be simpler :D

MrNannings responds:

Made it less sliding and it's more resposive now.