Reviews for "Shuffle World"

Very enjoyable game. Well done

Very nice and relaxing game. A good balance between easy and casually challenging.

Hey, Great job there!

You found a way to do a great little unique puzzle game. I didn't saw anything like that yet! What I found was more of a peaceful game than a puzzle game. Yes, you need to use your brain but not at full capacity, it's such a great enjoyable game. I see that the resolution is "Turned Down" because of the "WebGL" capacity. It would be awesome to see in full res with MORE animation and special effects.

The menu screen looks great for a Newgrounds game! Music is great, design kind of lack but it's a Newgrounds game I cannot say something bad. Great freaking job!

Bugs I found:

You can die after getting the last fruit.

♥ Luv from GlitchyDust ♥

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I love this game, the only problem is with the Medals, who are ranked by the numbers, not the levels.

This is definitely one of the best puzzle platformers on NewGrounds!!!