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Reviews for "Shuffle World"

Awesome game. I really love it.

I can't play this

Very cute and creative design! I love it!

What a amazing idea and performance! I love the composition of levels and the challenge you put it on every one. A basic but pretty graphical apart acording to the relaxing gameplay. Just I feel the view of the camera is too far to aprreciate the details on the game. It could be just a little complain.

Keep that good work. I love this.

I would very much like to play this but aside from the menu interface, the level number, the fruit counter, sound effects and music work as if I am playing. All I have is a blank screen. Not sure which side the problem is coming from.

MrNannings responds:

I'm sorry to hear. I got 4 machines in my house I test my games on. What else can I do.