Reviews for "Welkin Wing"



Waterflame responds:

Thank you kind sir!

I've reviewed the song, OMG its my first time reviewing an animation... uh im not even close to an expert of animations but let's give it a try...

We are starting off really good, with what it seems to be a cool "cartoon" intro, OH maybe the official Skyworld movie! (I'm calling it Skyworld, Welkin is just another name, it's like calling our planet Earth... that doesnt make sense... rebooting).

I keep getting distracted by the awesome song.

Idk if the models are actually "moving" from place to place, but it seems like it, and with all the fx you did, like the air and the water particles it just looks really good. AGH I really want to get to that new location there on the horizon! (You gotta love your weird yet awesome building designs).

Oh hey, it's the Groovy Towa' there on the horizon as well. Was that a Magica Voxel model as well?

Nice ships man, I loved all the models overall.

I think you used the same cloud assets that you made for Groovy Tower, gotta love those too!

The camera transitions are awesome, im telling ya', Skyworld is soon becoming a musical 3d adventure, you need to take us on a tour around the locations, maybe you can include something similar in the album. OH this might be a hard idea, but like add diferent points of views of the known locations, idk if you get what I say...


At the end, Skyworld is getting attacked by fucking Thanos or idk what is that Black Hole up there... fun thing to wrap things up tho! 10/10 on animation there too.

Whew, im done with my attempt of animation reviews. I enjoyed every aspect of this, the song and the animation. The long wait was worth it!

Good luck in life man, hope to see you alive and active around! Take care please

Love it

Oh, all its nice, but i having a question: what is going here at all ? 8()
looking interesting, not pure, not cheap
but disliked opening "command line": not giving an filling of old-school, just modern parody for old-school