Reviews for "100 Bullet Dungeon"

Last level almost got me.
Sometimes the lasers hit through walls.

Very cool.
The rules, are very, very fair, which shows very intentional creation and an interest in showing telling. Every new challenge is presented in a way that shows the threat, then the next room escalates it, then the room after integrates it into the previous challenges. The use of tactical training with, and puzzle solving is very cool.

A few things that I really liked the hidden shot gun effect, it seemed under certain circumstance you got a shot gun burst. It seemed to be triggered by killing something. Maybe while at full heath as a combo, if you killed something that triggered? also seemed to be a rate of fire thing. A nice homage to the zelda lazer sword.

The shooting range option does exist in some rooms, where you can pick of your enemy, but it appears the more your shoot in succession the less accurate, or that on 2/3 seem accurate and the quicker the rate of fire the more that stability degrades? It encourages close combat which is much more tense, and fun.

resource management.
It was really cool thinking about how accurate I had to be when engaging in open spaces. Close mean i get more of my ammo back but I am in more danger, far might mean I have to hustle to reclaim my ammo.

Standing near a wall that is south facing makes it so you can not shoot out, but also enemies can't see you. It would be cool if this was a stealth thing, but it seems unintentional, but it seems like a good way to add a stealth mechanic.

Storing a doge.
if you hit space while stationary the doge effect will not trigger....till you move. So if you are about to take a pot shot, hit space and you have the doge ready to go when something comes at you.

I did have trouble using the doge ability, but I often focus on shooting and resource management in this kind of run and gun. I see dying as sign of poor allocation, and I often don't waste time with dodging as I find it more efficient to just fight well and conserve my resources.

It felt like the doge was added in because it is part of the genre, not because it was key to the game play.

Thoof responds:

Thanks for all the feedback! I wasn't aware of the "dodge storing" bug at all. The not being able to shoot next to walls I was somewhat aware of, but I didn't realize it also stopped enemies from moving. The "shotgun" thing was just another bug, though having it as an intentional mechanic would be pretty cool.

I agree that the dodge needs some work, probably in the form of increased speed/an invulnerability frame, however that also might reduce the need for the resource management that you mentioned.

sick game. love the idea . i sad i didn't get to keep all my rounds till the end but will play again.

I like the game it reminds me of older pixel games. Great job!

If you think about enemy engagements you can beat just about everything without too much trouble. Makes me think the 100 round limit per room is a bit too loose. Lemme retry the whole game with 50!