Reviews for "moon."

I like it! :) It's rare to see games that are actually creative and fun to play in 2019.

Nicely done. Good art, good balanced game IMO.

moon dog was worth it

A very simple yet enjoyable game. Something you should be proud of for sure!
Hope to see more!

I loved this game! I didn't really know what to expect at the beginning but it turned to be a cool puzzle game. Was pretty fun to see myself get stuck on some parts that turned out be much easier than I thought :P

I got to beat it until the game but I didn't found anything that would be like a secret area. Any hints?

AlexSavander responds:

Really glad to hear you enjoyed it!!! I really appreciate you giving feedback as well : )

Also the secrets are veery well hidden, just try to look out for sparkles appearing when beating secrets or something similar ;) (they don't always appear, since the secrets were a bonus last addition we made, so think of them as hidden easter eggs)

I think this needs more fluid animation. As it stands, the player feels a little too much like a weightless 2D sprite; adding a couple of turning frames along with a half second build up between stationary and full speed (with maybe a single ‘walk’ frame so it doesn’t go into immediate full running) may help smooth it out a bit.

AlexSavander responds:

We made the game as 1st year game students, and had difficulty in making everything work as smoothly as possible
The game hasn't been updated since then (early 2018), except me fixing some game-breaking bugs
I can try updating the game later to fix the animation fluidity : )
Also there is an animation for when you start running (not just 1 frame), but it's really fast and might not be noticeable