Reviews for "Wet Grins"

LOVE it <3

and where you can download the audio of this video. there’s just no audio under the video ...

Skashi95 responds:

It's an edited version of this:

Not gonna upload the changed version though.

Strange but ok, not gonna lie

well i guess im weird. bat boi approves. 5 stars. would fap to more insanity faces

Referring to a previous comment.
Do you have something against e621? That's actually how I found you but apparently you requested a take down. Not a issue for me, I'll happily follow you here but was just curious.

Anyway. I love how the motions are to the beat of the music. Music can be such a boost to animation, wish more people would used it correctly like here.

Skashi95 responds:

This account wasn't mine, and I want my content in my hands. At least people should ask if they are allowed to, especially when they upload it with my name as username. That's a total no-go.