Reviews for "Pimps Quest 2 - TECH DEMO"

What happens if you get the 55,349,211 tickets? Also there's a bug where if you quit the car chase the items go back to where you got them even if you still have them in your inventory

Jamessimo responds:

Thanks for the bug report! Right now tickets don’t stack so please do not try to get them!

I fucking loved the orignal. I havent been on this site i years, and about a month ago, i came back to it. The OG was the first game i played back. So ready for the full game!

Fun game

Honestly just jumped back into ng since like 2007 and just being able to play this on my phone was a nostalgia trip with a modern twist.

i rly liked the 1st one this one is cool too i got all the achievments and i am going to wait until the full game comes out