Reviews for "Pimps Quest 2 - TECH DEMO"

I'm not at all familiar with the first game, but I still enjoyed this, because I like this type of game. The interface is pretty klunky though, if you do make a full version that definitely could use some work. Also, text boxes should stay up until clicked...several of them disappeared almost immediately and I couldn't read them.
And just to be a pedant: When you have no money and click the arcade machine, he says "I have beaucoup dollars". "Beaucoup" means "a lot"...

Jamessimo responds:

Thanks for your great feedback. I may change it so you can only click on “walkable” areas to avoid the player trying to go through walls.

nice commander keen reference

To be clear, the only people who will think this game is any good are those of us who played the original and have a bit of a nostalgia boner. Truth be told, the original game was good, but not great, and mainly shone because it was great for what was available at the time. Currently, it's easier than ever to make games on flash or other internet based platforms. This sort of quality is no longer acceptable, and really just looks kinda lazy. Using the art and the name just smacks of stealing the original creators art to sell a crappy, uninspired copy-pasta of what he struggled to create.
All the irritation aside, rating this as a game still requires a low rating. The art isn't great. The game itself is simplistic and far to short with no actual ending. And to be clear, slapping "demo" on the game doesn't excuse this. Plenty of games in development in this site that have an end-game even as they're working to pad out the overall content. This just seems lazy.
Finally, your inventory is buggy. There are at least 3 items which should be "traded", but they stay in the inventory.
Final word: This needs a lot of work as a game, and feels strongly like you simply stole someone's game idea and hoped you could pass it off as a "tribute."

Jamessimo responds:

Thanks for your feedback. I have addressed your larger complaints in the thread. However it was intended to be solely a tech demo and not a finished game. The final game will act and look a lot different.

Looks promising, it's great to see the artstyle of the original being carried over, it's a really nice tribute with a good sense of nostalgia.

Movement is a little clunky, it's easy to get stuck on objects, and the overall pace is slower than the original. It'd be nice to have a keyboard option for walking.

Looking forward to seeing how this develops :3

Nice. Phones and games have come a long way. So only thing is items don’t disappear when used.