Reviews for "Pimps Quest 2 - TECH DEMO"

Fun game

For some reason my bottle of booze got stuck in midair after repeatedly clicking the graffiti.

Jamessimo responds:

Thanks for the bug report, I found it and it won't be in the finished game.

Ben would have been really happy to see this.

Although come on was the "Boomer guy" really necessary? Wouldn't you just have made some original NPC rather than just stuff in a meme that will probably be dated within a few years?

Otherwise I like what I'm seeing so far

Jamessimo responds:

Boomer guy will not be in the final game, honestly, he was a relic of another game I was making but scrapped and I didn't want to focus on original art as it slows down the Demo launch date.

The full game will have mostly new characters.

I fucking loved the orignal. I havent been on this site i years, and about a month ago, i came back to it. The OG was the first game i played back. So ready for the full game!

excellent game!
i like the length even if it is a demo. it had some glitches but all in all it was fun to play.