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Reviews for "Bossfight - Mescalink"

now imma be honest thought yall forgot link on mescaline but i guess yall didnt, it sounds great and all but being a lover of the original i prefer the original wip more cuz it was aggressive and energetic as if link was enraged and this feels more of like an anger a grudge towards something but never really bursting out, but nonetheless this is still great and i suppose you were wanting more of your recent style on this track.

wtf drop

Not bad, but definitely my least favorite of the Heks songs. Actually unique dubstep in Adust for once, some really well done DnB in nowise, but what happened here? The atmosphere is good but the drop, even though I know it's trying to set a vibe, sounds really strange and not very good to the ears. Like, you could have started a new note a little in the drop, why'd you milk as much as you can out of each one? It provides a really weird sound. Also some parts are too screamy.

Everything in this sounds great except the drop. The build-up is fantastic but the drop is disappointing. Not enough is happening and it sounds boring.

Awesome build up from 2:31 to 2:52 and its my fav part but the drop is disappointing. The beat is too hip hop like for that awesome buildup