Reviews for "Bossfight - Nowise"

Ooohhh those growls are deep.

This song is really great! This song has a dubstep feel to it with the very menacing growls before the build-up. The only flaw is the lack of side-chain during the drop. Otherwise, great song. 4.5/5

I thought the wobble bass during the chorus could have bin mastered a bit more, like cutting off the super high frequencies and side-chaining for the kick a bit more, but that's just my opinion, Keep up the great work!


why is this one so less popular compared to the other songs in the EP? In my opinion drum n bass is way better than dubstep, and this is just a better song!

And I thought track 1 was amazing and couldn't get any better. This BLOWS it out of the water! Your style has changed dramatically (In a good way) in the past year or 2! The intensity, and the drops, are just flawless in my eyes. Amazing. Just amazing.