Reviews for "Ollie & Scoops Episode 1: Pizza Pilot"

This is fucking great. It's professional. The animation feels so natural.
It's like the cartoons of yore. Actually got a laugh outta me some times.

I don't know what gave me more of a heart attack, the cuteness of the main characters and their relationship or the bacon bacon bacon bacon pizza with extra grease dipping clogging my arteries.

4⭐️ Unique art style, smooth animation.
You get 5 for the voice cast!

I like it, It's almost TV Quality animation

It's like something I'd see on Nickelodeon, much like The Mighty B

however, I gotta give props to Natasha Weir, who designed these crazy characters, and made sure no Background character looked too alike, much like with Alex Kirwan on MLAATR

and The Animation and Voice-Acting was so amazing, that I couldn't stop watching it when it came out

I give it 10 Pizzas out of 10

OllieAndScoops responds:

Thank you so much!

100/10, absolute perfection of an animated cartoon.
Also, more demon cat. It's my favorite cat now.

OllieAndScoops responds:

YES! That's Macaroni and Cheese. More of her on the way. Thank you!!