Reviews for "Bottle cap challenge"

Nice little challenge..not bad.

omg i rly like dis game!!!111
the botles were awsome and the game were awsome. the caps were great to take of and i like and also love the wole idea ^o^

victory i yell as i knockely knock of the capeli cap cap hmm i tink the backgrounds r neat and al i rly like dem. the difficulty was perfect for me and the only ting dat could b betta is the length of the game butt i understand it is just a sample of someting great coming rite??

5/5 for orginal idea.
2/5 for being short
4/5 for art
5/5 for no mjossik i listen to mjossik in another tab
5/5 for difficulty lvl


Aye GG

Llegué al quinto nivel y no hay botella, después de eso no se puede avanzar.
Edit: ya la encontré. XD.

kbvpneofit responds:

Él está detrás del armario.

Neat little game. Very short, definitely not perfect, but still playable.