Reviews for "Bottle cap challenge"

omg i rly like dis game!!!111
the botles were awsome and the game were awsome. the caps were great to take of and i like and also love the wole idea ^o^

victory i yell as i knockely knock of the capeli cap cap hmm i tink the backgrounds r neat and al i rly like dem. the difficulty was perfect for me and the only ting dat could b betta is the length of the game butt i understand it is just a sample of someting great coming rite??

5/5 for orginal idea.
2/5 for being short
4/5 for art
5/5 for no mjossik i listen to mjossik in another tab
5/5 for difficulty lvl


Sooo, how do I get the secret medal? I'm sure it has to do with the picture in lvl 7, since the medals description in my "my medals" list says "picture", and because the 7th lvl is a bit further away from the others. Also it's the only lvl with a picture on the wall.

But I already tried hitting it for like 20min now. I tried using the wardrobe to bounce to it, but no matter what angle, I always barely miss it with the shoe. And I want those 100 points that the medals seems to be worth.

Edit: Nevermind, I got the medal after coming back to the game the next day. Seems I didn't have to hit it with the shoe at all. I got it by touching it but tried again dozens of times, thinking it would be harder. Therefore my comment is a spoiler, but since the medal is obvious to anyone who looks up its desciption in the medal list, I guess that's ok :D

To complete the 11th level, you must do load game, then choose the 11th level. Playing straight through it goes back to title screen after completing the 10th level. So you must do that after completing the 10th level. Surely a bug!?

Llegué al quinto nivel y no hay botella, después de eso no se puede avanzar.
Edit: ya la encontré. XD.

kbvpneofit responds:

Él está detrás del armario.

Doesn't do anything.

EDIT: I did try refreshing but it didn't work. Came back a little later and it's working now.

As an idea it's not bad, but the previous angle attempt should be displayed. Aiming is also a little over-sensitive. What's going on with the last level? Seems broken. The ground falls away and you have no time to react.

kbvpneofit responds: