Reviews for "Dark Reflection"

Beautiful.....Amazingly Beautiful..

I watched this like four times before I wrote this review and every time I see it, It gets better and better...I'd love to be able to get a personal copy of this..If at all possible..It is really good...The art work is stunning and it just pulls you in for a ride. The Music....Well I'm no fan of Mxpx, but my god This is as I said amazingly beautiful. :)


I love it because it remind me of, well me, i did break my mirror because well im pushed a side, and forgotten,alone it that what i feel like werid how things like this can remind you of your self, was this based on you? oh well i love it one of the best works ive seen in a while, just so like me, anyway its great and id like to see more like it

Awesome and Dramatic ^ ^

I dunno what the last guy meant by "unlike a girls dream." Being a different gender doesn't mean your friggin' dreams are different >_<

Anyways, it was awesome and synched with the music very well. I also liked how everything was still dramatic when she 'woke up' too (or whatever really happened) ^ ^;


One of the best I've ever seen. Animation rocked. Great how it matched with the music and had an underlying message/meaning.


This is a must see. Great graphics great music. I loved the whole movie but the ending is the best part.