Reviews for "Dark Reflection"

this movie is awesome.

whoever made it should make some more.

A hard day with tha mirror hast she?

A really dark way of putting things on, really good pal


that is really good. i thought it was beautiful. i love the animation and the music. the part at the end was great! u rawk! keep up the good work

way cool

i personally hate mxpx....but the sound went really well with the animation...loved the sketchy style and the mood was very well depicted....i can certainly see why it would win a first prize....


thast all i can realy say. for the guy b4 me who said he gt weirded out...did u get it cuz i do i know what thats whole thing means. its what u see when u r A pissed Bmanic deppressant or C ready to kill your self thats how you feel...lke r in a constan whirrlpol of bullshit alll random bullshit...wow dude u really ...i dunno.....wow