Reviews for "Dark Reflection"


Incredible graphics, smooth animation... very nice. I'm looking forward to more from you.


This movie was great! One of the best I've seen. Keep it coming!

Good eatin'

I love the animation for this piece, i get real tired of everyone using anime style all the time but this didn't bug me at all. I love sketchy animation, and this story was realy twisted and i like how there was no real long story incorparated, the music kicked ass too. Well done n8x, hope to see more.


normaly i would say that sucks. strange

Madness and chaos in ones mind . . .

The concept of this movie seems like some kind of inner demons. It's hard to tell unless you've had these kinds of demons yourself. At the end, she breaks the mirror (With her hand?). Quite awesome and very well put together. Bravo.