Reviews for "Dark Reflection"


I don't see how anyone can give this anything lower than about a seven or eight. Even if you don't like it the animation is really incredible. I can see why you are winning prizes man. I love the whole idea and it worked with the music really well. I really got into the movie, one of the most intense animations ever. Great job.

oh now that was an eye full, brought a smile to me

yum yum yum, i love. such expression, such frustration, a true piece of art. i don't come around this section much anymore but this was very refreshing.


Very InTeNsE and Cooooooool!!!

very dark

This was a very award-winning piece of work you created here :) it was odd and interesting to see the whole demons thing and your view on it. It was also wierd and freaky-ish but i couldnt really understand it and what was going on, it was very complex. Still, a meaningful and dark flash, well done!


This is great! I love the animations, and music! You need to make more! I hope to see another!