Reviews for "Dark Reflection"


This was a bit deep , so i cant exactly describe it.

The water at the end continueing the mirror wa s a good effect. kinda of like she cant escape...

Very nice!

Very dark,right on the edge,you have the knack.Everything was well done,I have to give you all five!Good luck!


Dark and fast paced..Loved it

my brother is mean oo ya the flash was good

the movie was good but wat kind of a name is
"dark reflection" it tottaly thought it off i thought it wass a bout black mcrypt monkeys fighting the wst coast wigger monkeys i mean come on


Woah!! All i can say really, this is great work!
I just loved the music and I think you hit it dead on with the synching of the animation. Also the "scetchy" animation blew me away, I love that style!!