Reviews for "Dark Reflection"


*random psychotic moments....it happens

Nice job...

This piece achieves the kind of depth that personally I have come to look for. Introspective and creative, keep this up, and you'll be in the Portal Top Ten of all time for sure!

-spiral out

Nice animation on this.

Very nice I love the styl of it and the whole story line in it. geat job make more.

Uniqueness is found best in flawed views.

This stands out from the rest of them. Do not know what is going on with just one physical plane seen of a grungy bathroom, but the spectical of the psycho trip was phenomenal. The girl was cute and felt like that was a frightening experience for her. And oh, the crescent moon behind her when she was falling was awesome.
What I like best is the schetched look of it, this gives it a real unique quality.


I absolutely loved this movie! It is SO going on my favorites.