Reviews for "Dark Reflection"

I know how that feels...

Very good capture of those emotions. I know how she feels. Really, really great stuff.

Very poetic and dark.

The visuals are absolutely gorgeous, and the soundtrack fits well. It leaves you with a little ambiguity, so you continue to think about it even after the end credits roll. Very dark and very poetic.

That was really good (not much else to it)

that fit very well.it also had an good style but not much true movement in the individual (she was a solid picture), which i honestly think heightened the experiance because things were more sudden and jerky at time raising confusion, i had to watch three times to make a theory asto what was happening in her mind, andthen read reveiws to confirm that idea. You have a future here


this was great i loved the sound but i didnt really understand it.


After all these years, this is still my favorite movie on Newgrounds.