Reviews for "Dark Reflection"

I couldnt finish it

But overall it seemed like a well crafted piece of work...from what i saw.

that was amazing!!!

great music, great art, everything was awesome. excellent!

Which came first, the song or the concept?

In that, I mean did you create the movie for the song, or did the song come in after the original concept? Either way, well done. I am particularly fond of your sketchy art style, it adds a sense of mood accuratly reflecting the mood of the song. Well freakin' done, man.

Nice one.

Very good. I liked your birdThingy submission, so I found this one. I was impressed; I don't know why, but the way it ended with her breathing hard and staring into that broken mirror somehow capped it off for me. Good job.

Very dark, but awesome

That was some serious shit going on, and the title says for itself. you definitely have skills and potential of making this flash experiment and i gotta say, it was absolutely awesome. and the music went well with the whole theme. i hope to see a lot more from you so keep it up.