Reviews for "Dark Reflection"


I absolutely loved this movie! It is SO going on my favorites.

That Was Sad

That was an eye opener to the feelings of suisied i use to have when i was a kid so I thought it was depresing but very good


This is a must see. Great graphics great music. I loved the whole movie but the ending is the best part.

Almost a 9/10

This movie's greatest strength, yet at the same time its downfall, is the fact that it is purely to accompany the song in it. The visuals are definitely cool and stylistic, but there were moments when I just wondered when the scene was going to change. That aside, the author's skill at animating - especially the end - was very apparent, and was made even more so by the bizarre sketchlike appearance in the (main) character's, well, appearance. Nearly a 9/10, but the lack of different scenes - or rather the lack of changes and movement outside of weird blobs and uniform streaks - held it back. Great job, though. Better than I'll ever do (I only compose music, I'm terrible at flash).


Weird but interesting..... It was cool but I had no idea what was going on ;)