Reviews for "Dark Reflection"

Very strong, very dark, very thrilling!

Full of energy. Excellent work.


This is a truly wonderful piece of work. It's a fantastic concept set to a brilliant piece of music with little-way-short-of-exceptiona l animation. The ending is particularly poignant.
It's understandable that people don't get it - let's face it, there must be at least something slightly wrong with those of us who do - but it pisses me off the number of people who dismiss this as crap, or a good effort! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THIS SITE?
Please give us more!

Nice Very Nice

This movie was sweet. The art was really cool in the way it showed the mood and saddness.The whole thing was trippy.


Nice piece of work. That was quite an experience. That part with the moon and then her falling totally tripped me out, lol. Nice job on your graphics, the style they were drawn in pulled out the emotion of the music that much better, and vice versa. Loved the ending for some reason, too. Great job.

damn good, but...

this should be in the music video section.

n8x responds:

mm.. well i didn't choose where it went, i donno how they determine that..