Reviews for "Dark Reflection"


Dude, you really caught the raw emtion of a human girl's mind. I could see myself in her shoes. Since I am a poet and a goth I understand this movie better than most people. I think that the girl is confused, and her mind is playing tricks on her. In the end, she realizes how confused she is. She is in a world of her own mind where she cannot escape. Of course this is my oppion on what the movie means. Very good movie.

good very

that was intreagingly interesting thegraphics were good for its age and the music suited it as well


Ok....weirdos alike will enjoy it. (especially 14-18 year old emo punk kids because their fav crap band plays in it).

I don't know what 2 say....

Wow..The graphics were awesome,the whole thing was awesome..I love the background music,and the graphics.Did you draw it yourself...REALLY AWESOME JOB!

hell good

i am so glad this kind of animations come thru. i enjoy them as hell. its delightful. very well done.