Reviews for "Dark Reflection"

That was pretty dang good!

That was really cool... I'm not quite sure what it means, nut that was cool. I can see why it got a high place in Hampton's Film Festival.


Thats always nice to see animations with some meaning. Its very prety and subjetive. My understanding is that its about despear and suicide.

I dont mean by that that funny, or simple animations or whatever r inferior or whatever. Just that i like when the thing is well thinked and is deep.

Nice work.

Nice work for being experimental to begin with. Music fit well with the Flick. Very well put together. Great Job, you should be proud.


wow....i loved it...that was creepy...my comp stopped working for a minute when i tried ur profile...eep.


This was a bit deep , so i cant exactly describe it.

The water at the end continueing the mirror wa s a good effect. kinda of like she cant escape...