Reviews for "Dark Reflection"


i loved it. simply loved it. seems like when she looks into the mirror shes looking inside herself... like that creepy feeling you get when you look into your own eye... or maybe im the only one that gets that... im getting off topic.. ill shut up now -_-


this was great i loved the sound but i didnt really understand it.


i did'nt understand the movie but i love the sound...


This is just amazing, the feelings it describes, the emotion. If you pay enough attention to this movie, it is so real. All of us have this in our lives but yet most of us do not realize our own 'Dark Reflection'. Great Work, you should really put some more on NG.

it was pretty good

this was really good. i don't know what it means. you should post what it means in your author comments box. i like the background music by one of my favorite bands, MXPX.