Reviews for "Dark Reflection"


This really is something. You could go places with this one. Or have you?

If you do a variation, I recommend "(Can't Get My) Head Around You" by The Offspring for backround music. It matches this movie perfectly.

this movie is awesome.

whoever made it should make some more.


normaly i would say that sucks. strange

some pretty deep stuff here

These are the animations that are really pieces of art. Normaly i try to find the humor in most things, but when you can't find any then that's when you know you've found some true art. The whole idea of grief and deprssion is something that just strikes me every time. Great job. I would just suggest to make it more in depth too. Wow


A little girls decent into anger. I liked it. Things where happening all around her...she's losing her mind, felt like she way free falling...
The music went fantasic with the animation, however i thought the whole thing needed a little bit more depth.