Reviews for "Dark Reflection"

Very meaningful

It hurts to watch. Well done! Keep it up!

Not that good

Interesting animation but I agree with the people before me - little in the way of story. And without that the whole thing just seemed like a mash of action. Not particularly grabbing or interesting, but keep at it.

Kinda confusing

To be honest: I didn't understand it at all. Was there even a point to this? Anyway, kinda liked the original drawings and the well adjusted animation. The end was the best part, btw. But still missing a point or plot, that would've made it even better


wow, pretty in depth video. she views herself as something very intense, and dark, and as a result, the mirror broke, and she sees herself.

Good animation, not so good story.

I didn't quite get the cartoon, but I will give you props on the art. Excellent work.