Reviews for "Dark Reflection"


To everyone else, I'm fairly sure what's going on here is what happens to real people every day, a careless word or gesture, a mistake, or an attack, and your life is torn apart. When she looks in the mirror, all she can remember are the stupid things she's done, and the things that have been done to her... enough to drive anyone to extremes.

She's really cute, too.

I don't get it.

Is she going through some psychedelic crap or does she have brain cancer? Maybe both, she seems to be high or something. Wierd

Good but...

I dont understand the story, what is happening with the girl? Is she drugged or something? The music is good, and the animation looks great!


I'd be freaking out too. So, is the girl going insane or something? Or is it just kinda... whatever?

Good. :]

The art and the music made it rock like hell but I felt like there was something lacking. But over all, it was good. :]

8/10 for you! :D