Reviews for "Dark Reflection"

pretty cool

Don't mind about "1337_Haxx0r" , I think hes/she are just envious. :) This is great. So artistic.

theres not much more to this than graphics

music suxx0red. story suxx0red. graphics r0xx0rd. People who liked this piece of crap only liked the graphics so they make themselves think its good but its really not so they are retarded. you dont need good graphics to make a good movie. what the fuzz wazzup with that movie there was no point to it and once again the music suxx0red.


One of the best I've ever seen. Animation rocked. Great how it matched with the music and had an underlying message/meaning.


That was the coolest thing I have ever seen =0o


Wha--? What was that? Something was like... Taking over me and I clicked on the button with a little white five on it.. Woooow. Awesome!!