Reviews for "Dark Reflection"

Something to finally inspire me to review!

Absolutely fantastic! Favourite parts had to be the transition into her falling facedown, as the screen turns red, as well as the moment she comes to and is looking into the mirror she shattered. Intense, insightful, awesome. Love the style and it's powerful. Literally got goosebumps, no lie. Only detraction for me was the part where she initially started spinning down into this and there were red slashes across the screen over and over. That was tedious for me. Otherwise, mad props!

Very nice job!

That was very cool! I like your style of drawing! The girl reminded me of a friend I used to know! DO MORE LIKE THIS!!!

I liked This Concept.

DETAIL DETAIL DETAIL!!! I saw it everywhere. I loved it. I am adding you to my favorite artist.

Madness and chaos in ones mind . . .

The concept of this movie seems like some kind of inner demons. It's hard to tell unless you've had these kinds of demons yourself. At the end, she breaks the mirror (With her hand?). Quite awesome and very well put together. Bravo.

preety cool but..i did't get it too well

graphics are nice and the music is perfect for the story but a major issue.. wtf!! is going on?? sumone tell me please!!