Reviews for "Dark Reflection"


thast all i can realy say. for the guy b4 me who said he gt weirded out...did u get it cuz i do i know what thats whole thing means. its what u see when u r A pissed Bmanic deppressant or C ready to kill your self thats how you feel...lke r in a constan whirrlpol of bullshit alll random bullshit...wow dude u really ...i dunno.....wow

Awesome, but kinda strange

Its a great flash with good graphics, music and style, but it wierded me out.


There are so many people who think this is emo, and that isn't true! This is a masterpiece that will quickly become a classic. You're an amazing flash artist and have undeniable talent. I assure you that you may very well be the greatest animater on newgrounds, second on my list behind only David Firth.

Good man

This is very well done. I loved it so much. It's on my favorites list.


I loved it, I think it is one of the best i have seen in a while, It's hard to make or find a good Noir but you have pulled it off. I liked the music and the way everthing is put together the animation was awesome and it truly astounded me. Congrats.