Reviews for "Dark Reflection"

pretty kewl

at first it didnt really made sense and it kinda seemed corny, coz it was like, out of the blue some silly thing happens and it becomes like a suppose-to-be-disturbing kind of dream. the animation was alright, but i think it would have been better if the coloring was finer and not so scattered, erm..messy. overall, it was pretty good especially the last part, her breathing was what made it really nice, i could just imagine myself there and id really freak out a little.. and have prolly tears in my eyes even. you can do better, the plot's awesome, you jsut need to work on it a little more. :)


That was really good. Great Job!!!!!!!!

Very enjoyable

I greatly enjoyed this exploration greatly. Anyone who has ever really taken a look at themselves, so thoroughly as your character, surely has cry for themselves too. Beginning with the look into the mind, the constant clutter and semi-organized chaos of life fill all of your crevices preventing the emergence of your emotions. The barring of self behind wave upon wave of your bottled feelings, leaving you in a lonesome state, back with a constantly changing silouette, whose shadow revolves around, enlightening different portions of the yourself, whether or not you like it. Before these revolutions, all our thought and attempted rationalizations rush by in all directions, until your left in the embrace of a final hope, looking down at what you don't really want to face. Your demons, fears, take what you will appear to send you to face yourself, down into your own abyss. Falling than through each part, head first, facing them as they come, until your trapped, continually falling within that truth about your person, only making you give in to these fears and sorrows. You are left alone once more, in front of a now shattered facade of reality, its materialization that of the mirrior, now crying only for the illusions you have just destroyed, leaving only yourself, unable to change. Crying in pity for yourself.
That's what I got anyway.
Beautifully sad and moving. Truthfully.


This is one.. weird flash to me.. flying eggs? your graphics is kinda ok but your wtyle makes this flash a bit too messy. i didnt like the sound so much( must be because i'm not really in for hardcore metal...) violence is fine. interactivity 1 because of the play butten XD!!!!!!!! humor is 1 for the chicken eggs...(?) so your overal is 3
there is no point to this.. no beggining plot nothing at all. Hope this goes well with other people


Dude....theres no words to explaine the animation i've just seen. Awsome job..and good music.