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Reviews for "Dragon It Out"

Gods it's nice to be able to review something good for once.

The art is very nicely done with exceptionally spot on character design, lineart, and lighting. Shading is good, animation is very smooth, body reactions are believable, expressions are nice and varied, multiple positions, good proportions.

Usually, I'm big on how porn needs good sound design to work, but this is so well made and charming, that I honestly think it doesn't need sound.

Fantastic work. Bravo!

Now its just a matter of time before someone blesses this with sound

That was amazingly good. The quality of animation omg... It was like Bambi.. but with cocks.

A masterpeice!

All that is missing is them snugling at the end.

oughta responds:

in the version with the credits I had a drawing of that hahah