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Reviews for "Freaky Fred Reanimated!"

every single animator did a great job, stay awesome

I'm so happy to see so many people and their love for Courage and expressing their love for it by doing a collab on the subject. I just wanted to comment and say that many people don't know this but John R. Dilworth has a youtube channel on which he posts time to time ... and I might be wrong but he has eluded to some... interesting content coming down the line. The channel is small and a little bit obscure so if people want to they should check him out, the yt channel is StretchFilms.

Great, just great. These graphic style changes. Masterpiece.
My favorite episode like that ... I love it.

Everyone did an amazing job on this, please tell me the next one you all do is the Ramses's slab episode.

Loved the Ed edd n Eddy one around 4:30 XD

ElectroJoe responds: